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TREZ Fins offers an ECOLOGICAL, AESTHETIC, TECHNICAL and QUALITATIVE alternative to surfboard fins made of artificial fibers or plastic.

TREZ Fins fins are handmade, in Brittany, from natural flax fibers grown and woven in Normandy and a French epoxy resinbiobased in order to promote maximum proximity.

Linen fiber has many qualities, between fiberglass and carbon fiber, while remaining a natural material.

- About 30% lighter,

- Absorbing vibrations,

- Less material for the same thickness,

- Solid,

- Flexible...

All the qualities necessary to make excellent fins.


Like many of us, you want to preserve your environment and you are fully aware that this requires a few changes in habits.
The choices offered to you today by the surfing industry no longer suit you, you are looking to turn to new solutions to have truly eco-responsible AND efficient equipment.
The TREZ FINS natural flax fiber fins call out to you, you would like to test them, show them, talk about them around you...
I therefore invite you to make yourself known now via social networks to discuss it, whatever your level of practice.
Thanks, see you soon.

Merci pour votre envoi !


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